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December 15, 2017| by: ClarifiedBy Team

Avoiding the translation pitfalls

For anyone who has spent any time trying to research subjects in the MENA region, they will doubtless be aware of the difficulties in confidently identifying target individuals and organisations.

September 5, 2017| by: ClarifiedBy Team

Feast and famine: Current investor sentiment towards Saudi Arabia


August 29, 2017| by: ClarifiedBy Team

Diligencia's partners with Arachnys

We are pleased to announce that’s proprietary MENA company information is now available to Arachnys customers via its Investigator and D3 platforms.

August 7, 2017| by: ClarifiedBy Team

Announcement of our partnership with LexisNexis

We are delighted to announce that Diligencia has entered into a content agreement with LexisNexis, a leading provider of content and technology solutions.

March 24, 2017| by: ClarifiedBy Team

Companies in the news: Mohammed Al Abbar, and Adeptio

Amazon’s announcement this week that it has agreed to acquire for an estimated USD650m sets the scene for a battle between the global online retail giant and a soon-to-launch regional

February 6, 2017| by: ClarifiedBy Team

Individual shareholder searches - now live on

We're delighted to announce that the individual ‘search for shareholder’ function is now live on, enabling our subscribers to start with an individual’s name and search for all

January 3, 2017| by: ClarifiedBy Team

Companies in the news: SPA SOVAC Algerie

Volkswagen and Sovac have announced a joint venture in Algeria. Click hereto download a free company snapshot of SPA Sovac Algerie, ClarifiedBy Diligencia.

November 16, 2016| by: ClarifiedBy Team

Charitable foundations or conglomerates? - Iran's Bonyad system

Bonyads (charitable foundations) are at the centre of Iran’s informal social welfare system.  They are significant to Iranians, particularly the retired and war-wounded, as providers of social

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