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Posted by Karen Manley on Mar 13, 2019 10:03:00 AM
Karen Manley
March 13, 2019 | by: Karen Manley

Improving on Clarity

We're 'clarity geeks'. Self-confessed. Unashamedly. Borderline obsessive. Which is why we've been busy creating innovations within

Let’s look through the changes, one by one, but as an example, the new summary page gives all visitors a better indication of the comprehensive data we collect and enables immediate one-off purchases.

Easier Navigation
Our navigation model has been updated. All navigable items remain displayed at the top of the page rather than disappearing behind a burger menu,  helping you get to pages of interest easily. Active navigation is highlighted in bold to provide a visual cue to where you are on the site. (Don’t worry, the ClarifiedBy Asterisk button remains on all pages to get back to the homepage).

ClarifiedBy new menu

Updates have been made to simplify the navigation style used on the mobile version too!


Improved Search
To give a better search experience, dynamic filters have been added. When “More options” is selected any chosen filters will appear under the “Search results” text. They can be dismissed easily by clicking the “x” in the filter box.



New summary page
Our new style summary page gives you an overview dashboard as well as short company insights and the ability to make single report purchases.

ClarifiedBy new snapshot view


Suggestions on company profiles
Towards the bottom of the company summary page a maximum of 5 timesaving Suggestions now appear. This allows users to quickly see relationships which exist between owners of the viewed organisation with other entities without having to search the individuals.


Improvements on company and shareholder PDFs
An English version of the company PDF download has been created for African countries as well as some other minor improvements to the report in general.


Search in progress!
When the search button is clicked, a spinning wheel now pops up to let you know that your query is in progress.


PDF Updates
With our recent expansion in coverage to include Sub-Saharan Africa we have updated the company PDF to be delivered as English only content for countries within this geography.
Besides this the Ownership Snapshot has been improved on all PDF formats to give clearer, less confusing results.

Any feedback?

We welcome your feedback – please let us know what your think of these new features and if you experience any problems.

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