Finding reliable shareholder and company registry information within Middle East & Africa is not easy.  Or at best, very time consuming. Every jurisdiction is bound by its own regulations, standards and public access points.

Which is why our teams are meticulously researching every day to provide millions of comprehensive company and shareholder profiles within

All our profiles are verified at source, giving our members peace of mind, bringing clarity on the hard facts they need to progress transactions, assess competitive landscapes, and develop strategic relationships, ultimately enabling them to establish that baseline of trust to do business.  

ClarifiedBy is also a collaborative community for businesses to share company information.  We believe clarity inspires growth, and we are proud of the contributions we’re making every day to help the region be recognised as a trusted and progressive place to do business.

ClarifiedBy membership subscriptions give you access to over 2 million comprehensive private company profiles, with options to request the latest updates or develop new profiles swiftly and accurately.

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